Help Communities Access The Sky

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Before we can help communities, SKYHEX must first find entrepreneurs, designers, architects, engineers, and investors who want to work unbelievably hard at meeting this international challenge.  Our mission is to help communities take ownership of building the vertiport infrastructure necessary for travel via eVTOLs to be a viable means of shared transportation.  By helping communities finance and build modular vertiports, we will produce value for SKYHEX token holders and accelerate the adoption of Urban Air Mobility around the world.

UAM is projected to be a  $40 billion dollar industry by 2030 and we anticipate the need to help communities quickly transform urban and rural real estate into small vertiports for economic and envirornmental benefit. We will leverage thought leadership to grow our investor community and open innovation to develop components and systems for building modular vertiports.

SKYHEX requires a board base of contributors, not only designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Anyone with enthusiasm for industry and skills to contribute can participate in the future of Urban Air Mobility.

Building a strong community is a great first step in our mission. You can learn about opportunities to contribute by joining our communities on social media.